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Walk like on clouds

Snowshoeing in the Dolomites

The Villanderer Alm as a dream scenery

Have you ever hiked with snowshoes in the Dolomites? If not, then you should try it. Snowshoeing is more beautiful and popular here than almost anywhere else... and the Villanderer Alm offers the perfect backdrop. It is quiet and away from the big tourist crowds. Here you can expect a snow-sure glittering carpet, crystal-clear mountain air and a panorama that is still looking for its equal. Set out together with us on guided snowshoe hikes in the Dolomites or explore South Tyrol's mountains on your own.

Guided snowshoe tours
  • Monday: guided snowshoe tour in the hiking area Villanderer Alm
  • Tuesday: guided winter hike in the hiking area Rittner Horn
  • Wednesday: guided snowshoe hike in the Villnöss Dolomite Valley
  • Thursday: guided snowshoe hike at the Seiser Alm
  • Friday: guided snowshoe hike Feldthurner Alm

Further information as well as snowshoes and hiking poles are available directly at our hotel.


But with a view of the Dolomites

The Villanderer Alm is ideal for snowshoe hiking in South Tyrol because of its flat meadows and rustic huts: a white winter landscape as far as the eye can see, the glitter of the snow crystals and the crunch of the snow under your feet... In the huts it is possible to stop comfortably and the panorama on the Dolomites is magnificent: nowhere else you have the whole Dolomite chain in front of you. You can start hiking directly from the Sambergerhof and enjoy the white splendour.
South Tyrol is waiting here with a very special place: Snowshoeing on the Villanderer Alm is not too strenuous due to the wide alpine pastures and the danger of avalanches is almost non-existent. So you can enjoy the winter nature without any worries.

Although the Villanderer Alm is considered safe, snowshoe hikers should follow a few rules. These include proper tour planning and snow assessment, as well as a sincere assessment of one's own strength, breathable but waterproof clothing and sun protection for skin and eyes.
  • Shoes Mountain or hiking boots are sufficient, but they should be waterproof and breathable.
  • Clothing should be breathable, as some tours in deep snow can be quite sweaty.
  • Poles: Cross-country skiing or hiking poles with plate are usually sufficient. Better, however, are special snow and Nordic walking poles, which also provide the necessary cushioning for the arm joints. The poles are available free of charge at the Sambergerhof.
  • At the beginning, gather your experience on guided tours. Although it does not require any special training or skills. If you can walk, you can also snowshoe. A little bit of physical condition is nevertheless advantageous. Our hiking guides will show you the right walking technique.


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